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Production & Design

Your mark defines your brand and what you represent. Good branding establishes who you are and should embrace the core elements that make your brand, your team and your mission known. The goal is to express your companies mission and core beliefs quickly and effectively while at the same time maintaining your identity. From color, shapes and visual textures we guide your through the creative process to bring your brand to life.


The packaging of your product is so important it can often mean the difference between brand success and failure. From safety concerns to product communication, packaging plays a key role in every aspect of the product development process. It is also often said that the only way to communicate directly to 100% of your customers is to do so with your product packaging. When working on packaging projects with our clients we go through an extensive interview process. This is done to ensure all relevant packaging information and features are included on the final package design. From product development to final packaging our designers can get your project on track. We have complete 3D design capabilities and on-site prototyping equipment to bring your product from concept to reality. Let our design experts bring your vision to life. Have a project on your mind? Let us know today.


Automating your packaging workflow not only lowers costs and increases efficiency but also results in a more professional looking product. With the ability to add custom printed information such as date codes, batch numbers or lot numbers you can feel confident your output will not be compromised by labeling down time. We offer installation, setup and training so you can rest assured your equipment is set up correctly and your team is up to date with how the system works. We also offer parts, onsite servicing and technical support so you can be confident your equipment will be ready for duty when you need it most. Let us know how we can help you optimize your packaging workflow.



At Abixs we specialize in providing wide range of packaging solutions specifically for different industries. We understand the importance of the right packaging to keep your product fresh and looking its best. From complete branding and packaging design services to custom labeling for you brand you can count on Abixs to guide you in the right direction. In addition to We have an extensive selection of stock packaging options and on-site label printing capabilities for quick packaging order fulfillment. From the ground up we can design your brand portfolio or implement your existing design on a custom bag, pouch or other container. For added confidence we also offer packaging prototyping and 3D design services to ensure superior product fit and protection. Not all packaging materials are the same. Abixs assists you in selecting the right packaging material for the job. Only FDA food contact-safe materials are used in all our food packaging products. We do not use BPA or other harmful plasticizers in any of our products. This means you and your customers can expect superior product storage protection and increased product safety. Our design and packaging specialists are available to assist at any point in your project. Contact us today to see how we can help find a solution for you.





  • Pharmaceutical (Ovules, Pills, Tablets)

  • Health and Beauty (Moisturizers, Serums, Fragrance)

  • Snack Food (Chips, Nuts, Cookiets, Candy)

  • Specialty Foods and Spices

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • And more!




  • Boxes

  • Plastic Tubes

  • Glass Tubes

  • Blister Packaging

  • Child Resistant Packaging

  • And more!


  • Bulk Food Storage

  • Medical and Holistic Products

  • Retail Food and Snacks

  • Pet Food & Treats

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Dry Powders and Ingredients

  • And more!



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Santa Clarita, CA  91350

Tel: (877) 783-8387

Fax: (877) 302-2234


To apply for a job with Abixs, please send a cover letter together with your C.V.

Get a quote: (877) 783-8387
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